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Poster: light into ashes Date: Mar 18, 2010 7:57pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

Good work.

I have some additions for you:

Brokedown Palace - last played 10-14-77; revived 12-26-79.

Hey Jude - last played 3-1-69; revived 9-7-85.

I Just Want To Make Love To You - last played 11-29-66; played twice in '84 and once in '95.

King Bee - last played 12-15-71; played twice in the '90s.

Morning Dew - a questionable entry perhaps. Fairly common in early '77 until 6-7-77; then played once in '78 (4-15-78) and once in '79 (11-8-79), and four times in 1980; started becoming more common in August '81.
(Cold Rain & Snow is another one that was quite rare in the late-Keith days - only played twice in '77, three times in '78, once in Jan '79.)

One-time only performances:

Big Boy Pete - last electric performance 9-20-70; was played acoustically 11-17-78; revived once 11-21-85.

New Orleans - last played 11-8-70; revived once 6-21-84 (with the Band).

Frozen Logger - last "played" 8-25-72; revived once 9-7-85.

Hideaway - last played 11-7-71; played once 6-21-89.

Then there's a very large category of songs that were dropped for whatever reason, that were revived in Keith's last month, Feb '79. Though not strictly "Brent-era" revivals, they should also be mentioned:

Big Railroad Blues - last played 10-19-74; revived 2-17-79; first Brent performance 12-7-79.

Greatest Story Ever Told - last played 10-18-74; revived 2-17-79.

High Time - last played 5-26-77; revived 2-17-79; not played with Brent til Nov '79.

The Wheel - was a regular in '77 until 10-30-77; played once in '78 (2-3-78); revived 2-17-79; then vanished again & revived again 8-17-80.

Don't Ease Me In - last played 8-6-74; revived in Feb '79 and played 3 times that month, & regularly thereafter.

China Cat Sunflower - after 10-20-74, was played once in '77 (12-29-77), not at all in '78; revived four times in Feb '79 (starting 2-3-79) & played regularly thereafter.

(It's notable how many Garcia songs were played only once, or not at all, in 1978, even when they'd been regulars in '77 - China Doll, Comes a Time, High Time, Morning Dew, Wheel, Brokedown... Not a good year for Garcia ballads.)

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Poster: vapors Date: Mar 19, 2010 4:02am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

Many thanks, I knew I would miss some. I found a couple more, like How Long Blues and Louie Louie. I will see what else shakes out and work on updating my post this weekend. I quite enjoyed doing it, even if I’m not sure what value it has.

This was an academic exercise that I wanted to attempt, mainly driven by the great joy I experienced being in attendance when the band broke out a cherished and rare song from the old days. I originally was going to have the subject be ‘Revivals and Breakouts’ but quickly realized it would be too much. It is tricky to be as accurate and informative as possible - which is certainly easier today than it was before the advent of the internet - because some of the data out there is inconsistent and conflicting. I was a bit daunted and wary about such a large effort, but as you have stated before, persistence is the key. Your works, in addition to being splendidly informative, have inspired me greatly, as does your continued knack of ‘leading by example’.

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Poster: light into ashes Date: Mar 19, 2010 10:53am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

I didn't get into '90s revivals in my additions, but it sounds like you have a bunch of those to put on the list too. Might as well...
Louie Louie is a tricky case - the 9-7-69 performance is just Garcia w/ some of Jefferson Airplane, and 6-7-70 is just a tease.
But it reminds me of:
La Bamba - played 11-11-70 (in Good Lovin'); revived 4 times in Sept '87.
Casey Jones should probably make the list as well, since it was revived three times - in '77, '84, and '92.

Lists like these are much easier with collaborations. It's impossible to remember everything on your own (for instance, I didn't even know there was a How Long, or Hideaway, in '89, til others mentioned it). You had half a list; now with everyone chipping in you'll have the Definitive Revival List.

And, a minor point - but ordering the list is also important - you have it in random order now, but alphabetical would be useful, and chronological would be intriguing.